Energy Conservation Strategies Commission

Of the many energy and climate-related challenges identified by the Alachua County Energy Conservation Strategies Commission (ECSC) peak oil production and decline was regarded as a major dilemma for our community and the United States as a whole. Referenced in the final report the ECSC cited the 2007 US General Accountability Office Report GAO-07-283 on peak oil. Peak oil is not the "end of oil" but it is the end of cheap oil.

Alachua County Energy Conservation Strategies Commission (ECSC) Presentation Of Final Report And Findings

In speaking of the report Alachua County Manager Randall H. Reid said, "The report is an analysis of how Alachua County can be made a more energy resilient and sustainable community. It is written in such a manner to both raise awareness of the problems facing our communities as well as propose solution and implementation strategies. It was researched and prepared by a dedicated group of citizens, academics, and professionals who made up the ECSC."

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