For Homes:
  • Monitor NOAA Weather Radio.
  • When a tornado watch is issued, be prepared to take action.
  • When a tornado warning is issued, or a tornado is imminent, move to a small interior room away from windows.
  • Consider constructing a tornado safe room in or adjacent to your home.
For Manufactured Housing:
  • Monitor NOAA Weather Radio.
  • Have a plan of where to go during a tornado threat - a nearby pre-identified safe structure within walking distance.
  • When a tornado watch is issued, be prepared to take action.
  • When conditions warrant, move to the pre-identified safe structure.
  • If you live in a mobile or manufactured home park, get together with other residents and the park owner / manager to designate safe shelter areas in the park or community.
For Open Country:
  • Seek a nearby shelter if time permits.
  • If not, lie flat in the nearest depression, a ditch or culvert. Cover your head with your arms.
For Vehicles:
  • Abandon your vehicle and seek refuge in a building or, as a last resort, a ditch or culvert.
  • Do not try to outrun a tornado.
For Offices, Condominiums, and Hotels:
  • Monitor NOAA Weather Radio.
  • When action is required, take shelter in an interior hallway on a lower floor, closet or small room.
  • As a last resort,get under heavy furniture, away from windows.
For Schools and Auditoriums:
  • Have a written disaster plan, assign responsibilities and exercise elements of the plan on a regular basis.
  • Get weather awareness training for staff - The National Weather Service can provide this.
  • Designate tornado safe areas.
  • Monitor NOAA Weather Radio - check the alert tests weekly.
  • During watches, monitor several sources of information.
  • Hold tornado drills at least four times each year.
  • Announce watches when issued.
  • Evacuate vulnerable areas such as temporary classrooms and classrooms with glass windows when threatening weather and /or tornadoes approach during a tornado watch.
  • Consider delayed departures from school if severe weather threatens.
  • Schools and parents need to have a reunification plan in place.
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