Florida's typical wildfire season is the dry period from January to May, additionally lightning may start fires during thunderstorm season. Unfortunately since the majority of fires are started by humans, wildfires can occur at anytime.

Before a wildfire threatens:

  • Create a 30 to 100 foot safety zone around your house by removing leaves, flammable vegetation and dead branches.
  • Clear a 10 foot area around propane tanks and the barbecue.
  • Thin a 15 foot space between tree crowns, and remove limbs within 15 feet of the ground.

When a wildfire threatens:

  • Park your car facing the direction of escape.
  • Confine pets to one room. Make plans to care for your pets in case you must evacuate.
  • If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

If you're sure you have time, take steps to protect your home:

  • Close windows, vents, doors, venetian blinds or non-combustible window coverings and heavy drapes. Remove lightweight curtains and flammable drapes.
  • Close gas valves and turn off pilot lights.
  • Move flammable furniture into the center of the home away from windows and sliding-glass doors.
  • Place lawn sprinklers on the roof and near above-ground fuel tanks. Wet the roof.
  • Wet shrubs within 15 feet of home.
  • Place combustible patio furniture inside.

Preparedness Brochures:


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