Stewardship and Volunteer Opportunities

Alachua County Forever needs you!

Two ways you can help with the stewardship of the County's Natural Heritage... Stewardship Implementation and Stewardship Planning.

Below we will be posting information about our Volunteer Program. Volunteer help is critical as we implement the stewardship activities and make the community vision a reality. Keep checking back for events, opportunities and information on how to get involved.

Also below we post site management plans. Some are draft for your review and comment, others are final, adopted by the County Commission and guide the stewardship of the site. Please assist us decide the future of these sites, their protection, restoration and use. Your comments, staff comments and our partners' comments will be considered and a draft plan will be sent to the Alachua County Board of Commissioners for adoption. Once adopted, management plan direct the fate of the site.

Alachua County Forever Stewardship Strategy

Excerpt from the Executive Summary:

This Report is intended to inform the Board of County Commission’s discussion regarding the sustainability of the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department’s Alachua County Forever (ACF) land stewardship program. While staff has communicated this strategy to the Board over the years (September 28, 2005, February 17, 2006, July 17, 2006, and September 7, 2007), several factors prompt the re-issue of this report. There has been turnover on the County Commission and the ACF Program is maturing and repositioning itself with a stewardship-first focus.

In the 2000 general election, over 60% of County voters directed the Commission to “acquire, improve and manage environmentally significant lands.” This improvement and management -- land stewardship -- is funded from the County’s General Fund and a 10% set-aside from the proceeds of the 2000 ACF Referendum. This ACF stewardship strategy has resulted in these seed funds being used to leverage partnerships to great effect. Through FY15, ACF was able to leverage $2.14 million worth of non-personnel stewardship effort. This is 2.1 times the County’s own non-personnel investment over the same time period and represents funding and effort that the County did not have to spend on its sites. It represents what could have been the degradation in the sites -- the unfunded backlog -- if the County did not fund the full level of effort needed to sustain the conservation values of the property.

[Read the Full Report here]

Management Plans
 Volunteer Program

Volunteer Form

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Print, fill it out and bring it with you to the event, or fax it back to us at 352-264-6852 or email it back to us.

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Alachua County Forever Business Plans
Timber Harvesting Business Plan (adopted) 

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Cattle Grazing Business Plan (adopted) 

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Hunting Business Plan (adopted)

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