Fairgrounds Application

Remember to download and review the Fairgrounds License Agreement Package before you submit this Application for Use.

Application for Use of the Alachua County Fairgrounds
Alachua County Fairgrounds
12 SE 1st St, Gainesville, FL 32601


PLEASE provide contact information for event details, on-site representative, and for "public information":

​NOTE: If a vendor will be used to provide alcohol the vendor must also follow the insurance requirements (exhibit D).


Provide sufficient details to determine the potential impact to the facility and security needs.

NOTE: Failure to accurately describe the event or if the event is misrepresented may result in cancellation of the event by the County, Fire Marshal, Sheriff's Office, or City Building Department without refund of rental fees.​


PROPERTY: Alachua County Fairgrounds, 3100 N.E. 39th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601
(See Site Plan on pg 17)

By signing this application the applicant ackowledges:

  • having received and read the application package including Exhibits B through H, and
  • the information provided in the application is a true and accurate depiction of the proposed event, and
  • the applicant is authorized to sign for the organization/company hosting the event.


READ! IMPORTANT! After submitting this form if you DO NOT see a "Thank you" message at the top of the form indicating your application has been successfully submitted, one or more errors likely occurred. These are usually caused by leaving a required field empty. Slowly scroll up to the top the page to locate all the errors, fill in the field values, and re-submit the form.