Business Incentives

Qualified Target Industry (QTI)

What is Qualified Target Industry?
  • QTI is a program sponsored by the State of Florida that provides tax incentives for the location of specific types of businesses within Alachua County.
  • QTI businesses include bio-technology, green industries, and clean technology (a full list can be found here.)
  • QTI incentives must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners.
How does the County help QTIs?
  • 20% Local Match of Tax Incentives (more information on tax incentives can be found here).
  • Expedited Review of Development Plans
  • Meeting-intensive process designed to shorten communication time between staff and applicant.
  • Interactive plan review to reduce confusion and increase collaboration.
  • Contact the Development Review division for more information at (352) 374-5249.
How do I get started with the QTI program?
Call (352) 374-5249