NewboRN Home Visit Program

Please watch and share this video. The is another example of the type of program that will be funded if the Children’s Trust ballot initiative passes on November 6th.

The video highlights the NewboRN Nurse Home Visiting Program.

Funded by the Alachua County Commission, as recommended by the Children’s Services Advisory Board, this program is available to all mothers of newborns (voluntarily of course) and sends a nurse directly to the home to check on mother and baby and to provide a wide variety of useful information.
  • NewboRN Nurse Home Visiting Program Kick-Off - 3/17/2018

    ​​The Alachua County Children Services Advisory Board hosted its NewboRN Nurse Home Visiting Program Kick-off on Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 1:00-4:00 pm.  The kick-off was held at the Alachua County School Board District Office, 620 E University Avenue, Gainesville.  

    Click here to view WCJB TV20 video regarding this program.