Media Release

Reducing Outdoor Water Use

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 4:15 PM

ALACHUA COUNTY, FL - Despite the recent heavy rains, the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department (EPD) reminds residents that it is still important to be mindful of water use. EPD is offering tips to help save water with landscape irrigation.

EPD’s water saving tips include the following:

  • Turn off automatic irrigation system and only irrigate when grass blades fold in half or plants start to wilt.
  • Make sure rainfall shut off devices are working properly by bypassing irrigation if there is sufficient moisture. GRU customers may qualify for a rebate.
  • Check irrigation systems for leaks and overspray to paved surfaces.
  • Shrubs and trees require less water and should be on their own irrigation zones, independent of turf zones.
  • Collect rainwater with rain barrels or cisterns (with proper precautions and lids to prevent mosquito issues) for irrigating landscapes.
  • Replace thirsty landscapes with drought tolerant natives and Florida Friendly Landscapes.
  • “All of the sinkholes, failing wells, and dry lakes, river, and springs we have seen this year are a good reminder that we all need to reduce our demands on the aquifer we depend upon for our water supply,” said Alachua County Environmental Protection Department Water Conservation Coordinator, Stacie Greco. She continued, ”Almost 60% of residential water use occurs outdoors, so this is a great place to start saving water and money.”

For more information about drought tolerant natives and Florida Friendly Landscapes, visit the Florida Friendly Landscaping website, or call the Alachua County Extension office at 352-955-2402.

For more information, visit EPD’s Water Resources website, or contact Stacie Greco at 352-264-6829 or


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