Organizational Layout


Jacqueline Chung - Equal Opportunity Manager
Directs and manages the Equal Opportunity Office. Responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive equal opportunity program, and administration of the Human Rights Ordinance. Serves as the County's designated ADA/Title VI Coordinator.


Mary Neiberger - Staff Assistant
Provides staff support to the Equal Opportunity Manager. Responsible for managing the administrative/clerical functions of the Equal Opportunity Office.


Jill Weinsier - Sr. EO Specialist/Investigator
Investigates complaints of discrimination filed under the Human Rights Ordinance or County policy. Monitors compliance with federal/state equal opportunity laws and assists with employee training.


Melissa Patterson - Program/Intake Specialist
Responsible for the Intake process (complaints or requests for assistance). Administers the Small Business Enterprise Program and coordinates public education and outreach efforts.


Jonathan Flynt - Equal Opportunity Specialist
Responsible for implementing the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan. Conducts special recruitment efforts to expand the qualified applicant pools for County positions. Investigates complaints of wage theft filed under the Wage Recovery Program. Coordinates a conciliation process and complaint resolution.



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