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    Policy No.: 15-01 Effective: 11/27/2015
    Revision No.: Review Date: xx/xx/xx
    Financial Support of Special Event or Program

    To establish a policy for the financial support of 16 U.S. Code section 501(c)(3) (“501(c)(3)”) organizations hosting special events or programs occurring within Alachua County.

    It is the policy of Alachua County to adhere to these procedures in order to ensure equitable consideration of modest (not to exceed $5,000 per fiscal year) financial requests on a reimbursement basis, for local special events or programs that help support the mission of the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners (“BoCC”).


    1. Definitions

      1. Special Event refers to any occasion, including but not limited to, shows and fairs of all kinds, exhibitions, celebrations, festivals, carnivals, circuses, rodeos, dog shows, art shows, craft fairs, sporting events, parades or similar events, open to the public, whether held on public or private property.

      2. Program refers to a reoccurring event benefitting the greater Alachua County community, open to the public, whether held on public or private property.

    2. Process

      1. The 501(c)(3)  organization requesting financial support from Alachua County shall complete an “Special Event and Program Support” form and submit it to the County Manager for inclusion on the next available BoCC meeting for consideration.

      2. The organization is ineligible if it has received funding through Community Health Offering Innovative Care and Educational Services (CHOICES), Community Agency Partnership Program (CAPP) or any other County grant type program within the 12 months prior to its application.

      3. The organization may only apply one time per fiscal year.

      4. The County Manager shall complete and submit the agenda item after review.

      5. The BoCC shall consider the request.

      6. The County Manager shall convey the decision to the organization.

      7. If the request is approved, then the organization shall submit an invoice with supporting documentation or receipts to the County Manager, in the amount approved by the BoCC.

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