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    Policy No.: 16-02 Effective: 01/01/2016
    Revision No.: Review Date: xx/xx/xx
    Creation of Administrative Policies


    To establish a process under which all departments under the purview of the County Manager may develop, modify, distribute and implement County-wide Administrative Policies.  Administrative Policies generally.
    Under authority granted in the Alachua County Charter, the County Manager will promulgate Administrative Policies.    
    1.      Developing a New Administrative Policy
    a.       When a new Administrative Policy is desired, the requesting staff, department or team shall draft the policy using the current Administrative Policy format.
    2.      Approval Process
    a.       The County Attorney and County Manager, or their designee, shall review the draft policy. 
    b.      If changes are requested, the requesting staff, department or team shall incorporate any changes. 
    c.       If changes are not requested, the County Manager will sign, date, assign a regulation number and effective date to the policy. 
    3.      Distribution
    a.       After final approval, the original will be scanned to the County’s intranet.
    4.      Implementation
    a.       Administrative Policies are effective as of the date approved by the County Manager, unless otherwise noted, and remain in effect until superseded or cancelled in writing by the County Manager.
    b.      Department Directors are responsible for instructing their staff on Administrative Policies to ensure implementation.
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