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    Policy No.: Resolution 21-0272 Effective: 04/13/2021
    Revision No.: Review Date: xx/xx/xx
    Advisory Boards and Committees Guidelines

    Alachua County

    Advisory Boards and Committees Guidelines


    Revision No.: 03                       Review Date:     

    OVERVIEW:   It shall be the policy of the Board of County Commissioners of Alachua County, Florida, that these Guidelines shall provide direction for the creation of new advisoryboards and committees, the membership of advisory boards and committees, and the conduct of advisory boards and committees. It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners that these Guidelines completely supersede any previous policies or guideline concerning advisory boards and committees.

    PROVISIONS:  Except as provided in the authorizing ordinances or resolutions of specific advisory boards and committees, these Guidelines should provide direction for advisory boards and committees.

    “Advisory board or committees” are those bodies created by the Board of County Commissioners whether entitled “board,” “committee,” “commission,” “council,” or the like, which are established by and have authority only to advise the Board of County Commissioners rather than to establish policies or make decisions for the Board of County Commissioners.

    I.                    Creation of Advisory Boards and Committees.

    Advisory boards and committees should be created by resolution of the Board of County Commissioners. Resolutions creating advisory boards and committees should include, at a minimum:

    (a)    Legislative findings.

    (b)    Express creation of the advisory board or committee.

    (c)     Purpose and duties of the advisory board or committee.

    (d)    Designation as “standing” (continuing until dissolved) or “special” (continuing until a specified sunset date).

    (e)    Membership qualifications.

    (f)      Staggered terms for initial appointment (especially for standing advisory boards and committees).

    (g)    Provisions for operations of the advisory board or committee.

    II.                  Membership on Advisory Boards and Committees.

    (1)    Appointments. The Board of County Commissioners will appoint the members of advisory board and committees. Appointments will be made from applications of qualified potential members during a regular Board of County Commissioners meeting.


    (2)    Residence.  Members of advisory boards and committees should be residents of Alachua County unless otherwise specified by the board’s founding resolution or ordinance.  Non-resident members appointed prior to November 14, 2017 may complete their current terms.


    (3)    County Employees.  Employees of the Board of County Commissioners may serve on advisory boards and committees with advance written approval of the County Manager, or if the board’s founding resolution or ordinance specifies that employees may serve.  Employees affected by this rule who were appointed to an advisory board or committee prior to November 14, 2017 may complete their current terms.


    (4)    Regular Members. Advisory boards and committees should have an odd number of regular members.


    (5)    Alternate Members. All advisory boards and committees should have at least one alternate member. Attendance requirements detailed below applies to alternative members, as well as regular members. An alternate member shall service in place of an absent regular member, and shall have all rights and responsibilities of the absent member, including the right to vote.


    (6)    Attendance. Advisory board and committee members should regularly attend all meetings of their respective advisory boards and committees. Attendance is defined as being physically present at the meeting for one hour or 50% of the length of themeeting, whichever is shorter. Any regular or alternate member whose attendance is less than 50% of the last 6 consecutive meetings shall automatically be removed from the advisory board or committee. Staff liaisons shall notify members by US mail, by email or through attendance reports when they are approaching removal due to lack of attendance.


    (7)    Quorum. A quorum for an advisory board or committee is the number of members which constitute the majority of all regular positions which are currently filled. Alternate members may make up a quorum. When less than a quorum is present at a meeting, the advisory board or committee may meet in a workshop setting, during which no vote may be taken. These workshops must be open to the public and minutes must be taken.


    (8)Hold-overs. Advisory board and committee members may continue to serve following the expirations of their terms until the Board of County Commissioners fills the position which would be vacated.


    (9)Removals. Advisory board and committee members serve at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners. Any board or committee member may be removed for good cause by the Board of County Commissioners after consideration of the issue at a Board meeting.


    III.                Conduct of Advisory Boards and Committees.

    (1)    Governing Rules. Except as may be provided by these Rules or by law, questions of order, the methods of organization and the conduct of business of the advisory boards and committees shall be governed by The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (formerly known as Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure) in all cases for which they are applicable.


    (2)    Open to the Public.

    a.      Meetings Open to Public. All meetings of advisory boards and committees shall be open to the public in accordance with the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law, Section 286.011, Florida Statutes (Fla. Stat.). Being open to the public may be accomplished through communications media technology (“CMT”) or hybrid-CMT. CMT, for purposes of these Rules, shall include, but is not limited to, electronic transmission of printed matter, audio, full-motion video, freeze-frame video, compressed video, and digital video which meets the intent of permitting attendance at public meetings. CMT workshops, where no quorum is physicallypresent, may occur provided that 1) no action is taken at CMT workshops; 2) there is both virtual and in-person options for public participation; and 3) the workshops are recorded and those recordings are posted to the County website. Comment offered by the public attending through CMT will be given as much weight and consideration as comment offered by public attending physically. Advisory board and committee members should consult their staff liaisons with any questions regarding open meetings or to request a presentation on the Florida Sunshine Law.

    b.       Signs, Placards, Banners. For public safety purposes, no signs or placards mounted on sticks, posts, poles or similar structures shall be allowed in advisory board and committee meeting rooms. Other signs, placards, banners or other similar items shall not disrupt meetings or interfere with others' visual rights.

    c.       Persons with Disabilities. All persons with disabilities shall be provided with the assistance necessary to enable them to effectively participate in advisory boards and committee meetings, consistent with Section 286.26, Fla. Stat

    (3)  Public Comment. Members of the public shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard on a proposition before advisory boards and committees. The opportunity to be heard need not occur at the same meeting at which an advisory board or committee takes official action on the proposition if the opportunity occurs at a meeting that is during the decision making process and is within reasonable proximity in time before the meeting at which the advisory board or committee takes the official action.1 Public comment may be accomplished through CMT or hybrid-CMT.


    (4)  Voting Conflicts.

    No member of an advisory board or committee shall vote on a matter when the member has a voting conflict of interest as specified in Section 112.3143 or Section 286.012, Fla. Stat. Prior to participating in a discussion, members abstaining from voting due to a voting conflict shall publicly announce the conflict, shall disclose the nature of their conflict, and file a written memorandum (Ethic's Commission Form 8A or 8B) to the staff liaison.

    If a member recognizes that a voting conflict exists during the course of a discussion, the member shall immediately publicly announce the conflict, disclose the nature of the conflict and abstain from voting. Within 15 calendar days following that advisory board or committee meeting, the member shall file a written memorandum (Ethic's Commission Form 8A and 8B) with the staff liaison.

    The written memorandum shall be incorporated into the meeting minutes as an exhibit. Advisory board and committee members who believe that they may have a voting conflict should consult their board or committee's staff liaison before the meeting at which members will be asked to vote on an item upon which they may have a conflict.

    (5)  Work Plans and Reports of Accomplishments. Advisory boards and committees shall prepare and update work plans and reports of accomplishments annually. Work plans and reports of accomplishments should be on-file with staff liaisons by October 1 of each year. Staff liaisons shall submit advisory board and committee work plans and reports of accomplishments to the Board of County Commissioners. Advisory board and committee chairpersons are encouraged to present the work plans and reports of accomplishments to the Board of County Commissioners at a Board meeting. The Board of County Commissioners encourages and welcomes issues of the advisory board and committees' own initiative to be brought to the attention of the Board of County Commissioners.


    (6)  Public Records. The public has the right to access public records. Public records are:

    "all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, films, sound recordings, data processing software, or other material, regardless of the physical form, characteristics, or means of transmission, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by any agency." Sec. 119.011(12), Fla. Stat.

    Most records created by or provided to advisory boards and committees, or their members in their capacity as members, are public records which must be made available to a person requesting them. There are many exceptions for records or for certain information contained in those records. Advisory board and committee members should consult their staff liaisons with any questions regarding public records or to request a presentation on the Florida Public Records Law.

    (7)  Coordination with Other Governments. Advisory boards and committees should, when appropriate, coordinate with other local governments and boards or committees created by other local governments. To protect the public's right to participate in open meetings, this coordination shall be affected through the respective staff liaison or the advisory board or committee chairperson (or designee).


    IV.                Staff Liaisons. A staff liaison is a county staff member whose duty is to help to administer the meetings of the advisory boards or committees and to serve as a link between the advisory board, the County Manager, the County Attorney and the Board of County Commissioners. The staff liaison's tasks are:


    (1)    Publicly noticing the advisory board or committee meeting and reserving the meeting room.

    (2)    Reminding members of an up-coming meeting.

    (3)    Ensuring that all persons with disabilities are provided with the assistance necessary to enable them to effectively participate in the meetings.

    (4)    Preparing the agenda and agenda backup materials, and providing copies of the materials to members.

    (5)    Introducing new members to the board or committee and informing new members of the rules and process which governs the board or committee.

    (6)    Ensuring that minutes of the meetings are kept.

    (7)    Keeping attendance records of the meetings.

    (8)    Maintaining public records of the board or committee.

    (9)    Providing the work plans and reports of accomplishments to the Board of County Commissioners annually.

    Staff liaisons may perform a task not listed above if requested by an advisory board or committee if the task takes the staff liaison 30 minutes or less to perform. If the task takes more than 30 minutes, the staff liaison may perform the task if the staff liaison's department director preauthorizes the work.

    V.                  Construction of These Guidelines.

    These Guidelines provide direction only. No action taken inconsistent with these Guidelines shall be invalid solely because it was taken inconsistent with these Guidelines.​ 


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ACTING STATUS An individual who temporarily assumes all the responsibilities of a position with a higher pay range

ADMINISTRATING OFFICIALS The County Attorney and County Manager with regard to their respective departments. The Administrating Officials are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Board.


Leave granted in special circumstances for administrative good or convenience that does not count against an employee’s leave balance and is authorized by the administrating official

BARGAINING UNIT The group of employees subject to terms and conditions of employment as determined by labor contract negotiations under Collective Bargaining Agreements


Leave granted to an employee in the event of the death of a member of the immediate family

BOARD The Board of County Commissioners of Alachua County, Florida – Also referred to as the Board of Commissioners

BOARD APPOINTMENT An appointment to a position made directly by the Board

CHILD/SON/DAUGHTER FOR BIRTH/ADOPTION/PLACEMENT OF A CHILD OR TO CARE FOR A CHILD WITH A "SERIOUS HEALTH CARE CONDITION" UNDER THE FMLA U.S. Department of Labor, Administrative Interpretation No. 2010-3 expanded the definition of son/daughter for purposes of child care leave. "In loco parentis" now includes those with no biological or legal relationship with a child if (s)he provides day to day care or is financially responsible for the child. Same sex couples qualify for this child care leave. Grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and other family members or friends may qualify for this leave.
CIVIL LEAVE Leave granted for civic duties such as jury duty or to appear as a witness

CLASSIFIED SERVICE An employee hired to fill a permanent, budgeted position within the classification plan and subject to all Board of County Commissioners’ Employee Policies

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT An agreement between a union and management on behalf of all employees in a certified bargaining unit classification which contains specific benefits, rules and processes governing bargaining unit classifications

CONTINGENT OFFER An offer of employment made that will be finalized upon successful completion of pre-employment testing, checks and verification

DECLARED EMERGENCY LEAVE Paid leave granted to employees in case of a declared emergency

DEFERRED RETIREMENT OPTION PROGRAM (DROP) A program offered by the Florida Retirement System (FRS) that allows members who have reached their retirement date to effectively retire without terminating benefits

DEMOTION The appointment to a classification with a lower pay range due to failure to adequately perform job duties of a position in a higher pay range or as a result of disciplinary action

DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR The head of one of the County departments as defined by Ordinance, or an employee appointed the Acting or Interim head

DISCIPLINARY ACTION A formal action that may include deprivation of property rights (loss of pay, demotion, termination) as a result of an employee violating County policies and procedures

EAP The Employee Assistance Plan – a benefit offered to employees to encourage corrective action for problems that affect their lives and work

EMERGENCY STATUS A special status where an employee is placed in a position on a temporary basis to ensure the continued function of that area

EMPLOYMENT To be hired and engaged in work. Also refers to all personnel matters relating to recruitment, hiring, promotion, discipline, training, fringe benefits, etc.

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION The specific form used to collect and document information from persons seeking employment with the Board or for existing employees seeking promotion

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES LISTING A listing of current job opportunities, issued by the Human Resources Office

EXECUTIVE SERVICE EMPLOYEES A classification of employees designated by the Board who are appointed by the administrating official and are exempt from certain Board policies and protections. Employees in this status serve at the pleasure of the Administrating Official.
Administrative Services Director
Assistant County Attorney
Assistant County Attorney I
Assistant County Manager

Assistant to the County Manager
Associate Counsel
Chief of Fire Rescue
Communications Coordinator/PIO
Communications and Legislative Affairs Director
Community Support Services Director
County Engineer
Court Services Director
Deputy County Manager
Economic Development Coordinator
Environmental Protection Director
Facilities Management Director
Growth Management Director
Human Resources Manager
Information and Telecommunications Services Director
Litigation Attorney
Office of Management and Budget Director
Public Works Director

EXEMPT EMPLOYEE An employee covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) who is exempted by specific provisions of the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Act, and is known as a salaried employee

EXTERNAL POSTINGS The advertisement of a position to the general public

FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT (FMLA) A federal law that provides up to 12 weeks of leave for certain medical and family conditions

FIVE STEP EMPOWERMENT GUIDE A guide for employees to communicate the County’s employee empowerment commitment

FLEX TIME The ability to vary the starting and ending times of a work schedule

FLOATING HOLIDAY Discretionary holiday which must be taken as a full shift

FRS The Florida Retirement System

FULL TIME EMPLOYEE An employee who is hired to work all the hours during a work week (Generally 40 or 56)

HATCH ACT A Federal Act which regulates political activities of public employees when federal funds are involved
HOLIDAY HOURS Hours worked on an observed holiday

HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE The unit of the County responsible for matters pertaining to employment

IMMEDIATE FAMILY Unless otherwise defined by policy or Law:
Current Father-In-Law,
Current Mother-In-Law
Current Brother-In-Law
Current Sister-In-Law
Current Grandfather In-Law
Current Grandmother In-Law
Step Grandparents
Current Son-In-Law
Current Daughter-In-Law
A child under 18 years of age to whom the employee stands in loco parentis
Certified domestic partner or anyone who falls under the identified relationships as a result of certified domestic partnership

The definition for immediate family for the Family Medical Leave Act is defined by the Law and for Nepotism by County Policy

INCENTIVE PAY Additional pay to an employee for attaining and maintaining certain certifications that enhance their work

INTERNAL POSTINGS A listing for a job that is offered only to current employees of the BoCC

JOB DESCRIPTION A listing of the specific requirements of a position to include a description of a position and a listing of essential and other functions of the position

LAYOFF A period of enforced unemployment by the County due to specific circumstances

LEAD WORKER STATUS An appointment on a temporary basis to assume the responsibility for coordinating the work of others in the same work unit because a supervisor is not immediately available because of work hours or work location.

LIMITED TERM APPOINTMENT An employee hired to fill a full or part-time position related to a multi-year special project or program, or to fill a vacancy created by an employee reporting for a long term active military leave.
LONG TERM MILITARY LEAVE Leave granted to an employee who is called to serve in the US Military for periods longer than 17 days, to a maximum of five years

MAJOR DISCIPLINE A disciplinary action that takes away a property right of an employee, such as a Suspension, Demotion, or Termination

MANAGERIAL HOLIDAYS Additional holidays granted to Executive Service employees

MERIT PAY An increase in the employee’s current salary, based on evaluation of performance

MINOR DISCIPLINE An official disciplinary action that does not take away a property right of the employee, such as a Warning

NEPOTISM Showing favoritism in the work environment to a member of the employee’s immediate family, as defined in the Nepotism policy

NON-EXEMPT An employee who is under the coverage of the Fair labor Standards Act (FLSA) and is not exempt from its requirements, also known as an hourly employee

OFFICIAL A supervisor authorized to act in a disciplinary action or appeal

ON-CALL EMPLOYEE An employee called in to work on a temporary basis

OUT OF CLASS STATUS An employee who temporarily assumes some of the duties of a position in a higher pay range for a minimum of two weeks

OVERTIME Additional compensation paid to non-exempt employees for working more hours than their full time job (usually more than 40 hours)

PAID LEAVE Leave for which an employee receives pay

PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT Employment for less than 40 hours per week.

PAY PLAN The description and salary ranges of all positions in classified service for Board employment, as approved by the Board

PERSONAL LEAVE Unpaid leave granted to an employee for personal reasons

PERMANENT STATUS A regular employee in classified status who has completed the required probationary period

POSITION INTEREST FORM A form submitted to Human Resources to express an interest in position within the County that is not currently advertised

PROBATIONARY PERIOD A initial period of time (of at least twelve months from hire date) during which a classified employee is in at will status

PROMOTION The appointment of an employee to a position with a higher pay range than the employee’s current position

RECALL The process of bringing employees back to work after a period of enforced unemployment

RECRUITMENT The formal process of seeking applicants for a position

SENIOR SUPERVISOR An employee who supervises other supervisors

SEPARATION Leaving the employment of the Board of County Commissioners, whether by resignation, termination, failure to complete probation, or any other means

SHORT TERM MILITARY LEAVE Leave granted to an employee to serve in the US Military or the Florida National Guard for no longer than 17 days

SICK LEAVE Leave earned and granted to an employee for doctor’s appointments, personal illness or for illness in the employee’s immediate family

SIMULATION TEST A test given to an applicant for a position to test specific knowledge and problem solving abilities

SPECIAL RECRUITMENT POSTING A position designated by the Equal Opportunity Office as one that requires recruitment efforts beyond those normally used to attract applicants meeting certain special criteria

STAND-BY STATUS A temporary appointment to provide availability to be called in to work in an emergency situation.

SUSPENSION Placement of an employee on involuntary, unpaid leave of absence for a specified number of working days as a result of disciplinary action

TEMPORARY STATUS An employee hired to fill a budgeted or non-budgeted position on a temporary basis

TERMINATION Involuntary separation as a result of a disciplinary action

TRAINEE STATUS An individual who does not fully meet the qualifications for a position, but who, within six months, can acquire the appropriate knowledge, skills, experience and abilities to meet minimum qualifications

TRANSFER Reassignment to another position within the County, either with the same pay range or voluntarily to a position with a lower pay range

TYPING, WORD PROCESSING OR GENERAL COMPUTER SKILLS TEST Formal, rated/graded tests for proficiency administered by Human Resources as part of the selection process for certain positions

UNCLASSIFIED SERVICE An employee hired to fill a temporary, non-budgeted, casual or seasonal position with a duration of less than six months

UNVERIFIED SICK LEAVE Any sick leave instance for which no medical certification is provided

VACATION LEAVE Paid leave based on time accrued by an employee

VARIANCE INQUIRY An investigative process by the Equal Opportunity Office to determine if a position requires special recruitment

VETERANS’ PREFERENCE Consideration given to veterans of the US military in accordance with State and federal statutes

WORKPLACE VIOLENCE Violence that is directed at a County employee while the employee is working for the County