DemandStar FAQs

DemandStar FAQs

You do not have to use DemandStar by Onvia in order to access Bid information.


The Purchasing Division of Alachua County has instituted the DemandStar by Onvia system to provide current information to potential contractors, consultants, and other types of vendors, as well as the general public. The system allows you to receive the information quickly, at your convenience, whenever and wherever you choose, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need is a fax machine or computer with fax capability. Although the Purchasing Division office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, the DemandStar by Onvia system is never closed. You can contact our DemandStar by Onvia System at 407-975-0040.

Who should use this system?
  • Individuals and businesses wanting to become a vendor or supplier for Alachua County
  • Established vendors who need to update their information to remain competitive
  • Vendors who want to obtain copies of Bids and Request For Proposals (RFPs)
  • Vendors who want to know the status of Bids and RFPs
  • Vendors who want to find current Alachua County Purchasing Division agenda items for the Board of County Commissioners
What type of information is available on the system?

Legal advertisements, mail order request forms, bid/RFP addendum, bid tabulation sheets and vendor pick up lists are available along with the following:

  • Current Procurement Listings
  • Formal Contracts and Construction Bids
  • Straight Bids
  • Annual Bids
  • Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Professional Service Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Current Award Recommendations and Current Board Agenda Items
How To Use The DemandStar by Onvia System

Using the DemandStar by Onvia system is easy. Simply follow the prompts using your touch tone phone. If you are uncertain which document you need or want, simply order the list of documents currently available on the system. For documents too lengthy to fax, a mail order request form can be faxed to you. Simply complete this form and fax it back to DemandStar by Onvia. The documents you ordered will be mailed to you within twenty-four hours.

Document Numbering

Where xxx is the bid or RFP number, documents are numbered as follows:

  • xxx1 - Legal advertisement
  • xxx2 - Published " short list" for the project.
  • xxx3 - Mail Order Request Form for Bid/RFP/PS package
  • xxx4 - Bid Tabulation sheet for that particular project
  • xxx5 - List of all vendors who have received the bid package.
  • xxx61 - 1st addendum to this bid
  • xxx62 - 2nd addendum to this bid.

For example, to find out who has received bid packages for BID #98-301-CO, simply request document number 3015.

Other Commonly Requested Document Numbers
  • 100 - Current Procurements List
  • 101 - Historical Listing of Bids with DemandStar by Onvia

Should you need further assistance with the fax system, please call DemandStar by Onvia, Inc. at (407) 975-0000.​