Revenue and Collection

The Revenue and Collections Branch is responsible for the administration of the Department fee schedule. The Branch  operates with 9.0 FTEs, two of which are working supervisors. The Branch records, bills and collects the largest non-tax, fee-based revenue source for Alachua County. This consists of user fees related to rescue and transport services. In FY 2015, total EMS charges were $ 15.1 M, Medicare/Medicaid write downs were $2.1M (16.7%) resulting in Billable charges of (83.3%). This percentage of billable charges is above other similar agencies that average around 71%. The Bad Debt Write Offs estimated by County Finance and Accounting were $3.8 M (24.9%) The resulting Net Charges were $8.8 M. This success can be attributed to the efforts of the Branch and also the efforts of the EMS crews who provide the core billing information from patients. In April 2015, the Branch too over the billing process for Bradford County EMS. This agreement allowed the Branch to add 3.0 FTEs which addressed not only the workload taken on for Bradford County but also the workload issue for Alachua County. The Branch was reorganized into two functions, Billing and Collections.