A Career in Emergency Services

For most people the dream of working in emergency services fades with adulthood. There are a few who continue this quest and the childhood dream becomes a real world challenge. So what is life like in a career in emergency services and what does it take to reach the point that a person can join the family?

First, discard any popular media image of what people in emergency services do. A career in the emergency services requires dedication, education, sacrifice, certifications, hard work, long hours, difficult assignments, perseverance, commitment and a dozen other attributes.

Work in emergency services starts with education. There are far more applicants than positions that are created throughout the state. A prospective person must dedicate themselves to being highly educated. You need to make a commitment not only to improving yourself but also commit to making our community a better place. Through these efforts you can distinguish yourself from the other candidates.

There are benefits in choosing a career in emergency services. Few careers have the levels of commitment members of the Fire Rescue community share. Few other careers can ever approach the levels of comradery that working with, living with, eating with and sharing triumphs and tragedies can obtain. These are some of the reasons we refer to our co-workers as family.

A person looking to start a career in emergency services needs a place to start. For most the question of how to become one of the family is difficult because there is no one to ask. Our department is interested in helping answer this question. We have a group of dedicated individuals who can mentor you toward your career goals but the first step is yours. Please if you have questions about how to get started, make contact with our mentoring group at acfrrecruitment@alachuacounty.us

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