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Our Mission:
   Public servants dedicated to enhancing and caring for the lives of those in our community through preparedness and an immediate response to any and all of life's emergencies.

Our Vision: Alachua County Fire Rescue, a diverse organization, is recognized as an innovative leader in public safety services that is sought out and emulated by others.


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    New Items for ACFR

    3/22/2017 New Station 23 construction pictures

    3/27/2017 Pictures of the third phase to our Loften Training facility.

    There are a number of projects and items on the horizon for the department. Currently we are working with the City of Alachua and other County agencies to place a Fire Station in the Hague area. We believe we have located a piece of property that will meet the needs and we are actively working to bring this resource to the area.

    We will be placing another 24 hours Rescue into the service. Call volumes are continuing to rise rapidly and we are working to meet current needs and future growth. Rescue 28 will go in service starting around March 2019 and will be located in the City of Newberry.

    We are working to re-locate ACFR Engine 80 further west along SW 24 Avenue. We believe we have located a piece of property which will meet the needs of a fire station. This project is moving forward as we are working with the owners of the property. Once the property is secured we will have a better timeline for the re-locating of E80.

     We were able to secure a grant from a private non profit for significant improvements of our training facility. These improvements will include an exterior staircase and roof platform to allow firefighters to train on multi-story fire scenarios and high angle rescues. We are very excited about this project as this will greatly improve our facility and training.




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