Firefighters for Alachua County Fire Rescue are the backbone of the department. Firefighters serve both on Rescue Companies and Fire Suppression Companies. Currently the department has over 90 personnel in the classification of Firefighter. The position requires an individual who is both dedicated to the community and to helping others. Qualities such as honesty, integrity and motivation are important attributes we look for in individuals seeking to fill a Firefighter position for Alachua County Fire Rescue.

To apply be a firefighter for Alachua County Fire Rescue you must:

Currently hold a State of Florida, Certificate of Compliance as a Firefighter 2 or currently enrolled in a State of Florida recognized Firefighter 2 program. Candidates must receive their State of Florida, Firefighter 2 Certificate of Compliance prior to employment. Candidates should also hold a State of Florida EMT or Paramedic license or be willing to attend an EMT program. Candidates must have their State of Florida EMT certification within 1 year of employment. Candidates who accept this option will be required to sign an employment commitment agreement. If you have questions about the firefighter position, please contact our recruitment officer Karem Scott-Kotb at  


The position of firefighter is opened on an as needed basis. If you have an interest in a position with Alachua County Fire Rescue, please complete an interest card for an automated notification when the position is posted.

Interest card for position of FF/EMT
Interest card for position of FF/PM