Rescue Lieutenant



 A Rescue Lieutenant for Alachua County Fire Rescue is an incredibly important position. As the company officer a Rescue Lieutenant is responsible for the operation of one of the County's Rescue Companies, the direct provision of advanced life support care to the citizens and guests of Alachua County and in some locations the supervision of a station. The position is demanding, challenging and rewarding and takes a person who can both provide invasive care needed along with compassion and caring. If you think you might have the needed attributes for the position, please take a moment to look over the position specifications.

The position of Rescue Lieutenant is open
 to both internal and external candidates and is posted on an as needed basis or at a  minimum of every two years. The testing process is normally conducted in three parts. First a written exam,  drawn from our medical SOGs and usually consisting of approximately 100 questions in a multiple choice exam. This exam is difficult and the study materials are available by following the link to our
Rescue Lieutenant Testing Reference          Materials :Updated 1/2018
This reference materials changes frequently but this will provide potential candidates a starting point for preparing for the next promotional/hiring process
The candidates who pass the exam will move forward to a practical exam. The practical exams are usually pretty straight forward. The use of both live actors and mannequins are common and real world scenarios are
presented with the expectation that candidates fulfill the role of Recue Lieutenant including but not limited to scene control, supervision of crew and staff, patient care, transportation and communication of patient information to the receiving hospital. Candidates who successfully pass this portion will move forward to an oral interview. This process involves a set of questions from officers in the Rescue Lieutenant position or higher ranks and this portion will set the hiring order for the process.
There are currently two ranks of Rescue Lieutenant. All successful candidates will enter into a Rescue Lieutenant 1 classification. This position is a permanent, full time position which works a 24/48 schedule ( 24 on and 48 off).
To qualify for a Rescue Lieutenant II position a candidate must meet the following:
1) Be a full time Rescue Lieutenant 1 with Alachua County Fire Rescue for a minimum of 2 years.
2) Currently hold a Fire Officer 1 certification from the State of Florida.
3) Successfully pass a Rescue Lieutenant Leadership course. ( This is offered in-house)
Once these criteria are met the Rescue Lieutenant will need to submit a request to be reclassified. The Rescue Lieutenant will then be moved to the new classification with corresponding increase in pay.