Technical Services

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The Technical Services Branch of Alachua County Fire Rescue provides a number of services within Alachua County Fire Rescue including training, both through electronic platforms and hands on, both on site and through our training facility at Loften High School.  Alachua County Fire Rescue provides services over 962 square miles necessitating the use of an electronic format for much of our training. We utilize Target Solutions for this purpose. This electronic platform allows both prepared lesson plans and custom designed training to be delivered to all of our uniformed personnel at their stations on their time frame. This flexibility has greatly enhanced our department's training capability. Additionally Technical Services provide hands on training at our fire training facility located at Loften High School. This facility is a cooperative effort between both Alachua County Fire Rescue and the Professional Academy Magnet schools through the Alachua County School Board. This facility allows for training of our members in simulated emergencies in a controlled environment.