Critical Care Division

One of the benefits of living in Alachua County is access to great health care. With three major hospitals and several smaller stand-alone Emergency Rooms, health care is one of the greatest attributes of the community. One challenge to Alachua County Fire Rescue has been to meet the needs of our community in meeting the need for specialized care during transportation of patients from these health care facilities. To meet this challenge Alachua County Fire Rescue has placed in service three additional Critical Care Transports. Critical Care 1, 2 and 3 (CC1, CC2, and CC3) are in service and meeting the need for highly advanced, critical care transport.
The need for Paramedics with specialized skill in providing advanced care to critically ill and injured patients has led to the development of the Critical Care Paramedic Certification program. (CCP) CCP Paramedics are certified in procedures and equipment not traditionally seen in the Pre-Hospital setting. The training for the program is difficult and the selection process is highly competitive.
Alachua County Fire Rescue Critical Care Division's schedule is designed to allow the units to be available when the need is the greatest. This schedule allows for great flexibility. Additionally, On-call positions are available for these units. If you have an interest in ether a full time CCP driver, full time CCP Paramedic  or an On call Driver or On call CCP Paramedic, click on the links to review the requirements for the positions.
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