Guest Speakers

Alachua County Fire Rescue offers a number of services to the community we serve. Often citizen groups have questions about topics related to the provision of Emergency Services within their community. For this purpose, Alachua County Fire Rescue provides guest speakers to address concerns or issues your group may face.  This program is geared for groups such as homeowner associations, religious organizations, civic groups or any group of people who have Emergency Service related topics they would like to have addressed. The link at the bottom of the page will take you to a form of basic questions about your speaking event. You will then be contacted by an ACFR representative to discuss your event and match an officer with your needs.

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If you would like to have an officer of Alachua County Fire Rescue come out to speak to your organization.


    Examples of Topics that you group might be interested in.


    Fire Rescue Operations: A wide range of topics can be discussed including how Fire Rescue Services affect individual homeowners and businesses. Discussions of current capabilities, and future growth under the Master Plan. Challenges to effective service delivery both for today and into the future

    What Does it Take to Run Alachua County Fire Rescue: Command, logistics, finance, planning, training and a wide variety of specialized functions are required to operate an organization as complex as Alachua County Fire Rescue. If you are interested in the inter-workings of such an agency, we can provide a great deal of insight into this organization.

    Emergency Management: Basic emergency Preparedness, Emergency Shelter Expectations, Special Needs registration and sheltering. How does Emergency Management support the local community in times of crisis.

    Enhanced 911: Discussion may include topics such as what function the E-911 office fills. How addresses are assigned. How the Enhanced 911 system works and how future technologies will affect your ability to contact Emergency Services.

    Recruitment and Mentoring: Challenges the department faces in recruiting and retaining qualified applicants. Where we are headed in the future with our recruitment efforts. 


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