Operations Branch

The Operations Branch is led by six District Chiefs who oversee the delivery of fire suppression and emergency medical services to the citizens and visitors of Alachua County. We operate out of 14 fire/rescue stations, 24/7 and have an employee exchange program out of one contracted stations. All of Department's units are staffed to the advanced life support (ALS) level.

The Board of County Commissions (BOCC) is responsible for fire protection services to the unincorporated areas of the county of the county as well as the cities of Alachua, Archer, Hawthorne and Waldo. All fire services throughout Alachua County is provided either directly or though contracts with other participants within the Fire Services Network. Alachua County provides direct services by way of eight suppression units, one quint aerial device and a heavy extrication squad. These units provide advanced life support coverage with responses exceeding 14,000 for FY 15.

The City of Gainesville and the urban/urban cluster area around the City of Gainesville are protected by Alachua County Fire Rescue and The City of Gainesville Fire Rescue Department via the Fire Services Assistance Agreement ( FSAA). The FSAA is an agreement that ensures the closest units are dispatched to emergency incidents regardless of political jurisdiction. Emergency operations between the two agencies are seamless.

By State statute and county ordinance ACFR is the sole provider of EMS transportation throughout Alachua County, unincorporated and incorporated areas. The Department operates twelve Advanced Life Support(ALS) rescue units ( ambulances) and three Critical Care, Peak Load Rescues that had almost 39,865 responses during FY 16.