Life Insurance

Life Insurance

The Alachua County Library District offers a core package which includes basic term life, with accident death and dismemberment (AD&D), short term disability and long term disability through Florida Combine Life. Election of life insurance coverage at the time of initial employment, is the only time issue of coverage is guaranteed. If coverage is not elected at that time, completion of an evidence of medical insurability form is required with review by the underwriters at Florida Combined Life and determination of insurability.

Basic Term Life with Accidental Death And Dismemberment (AD&D)

Basic life insurance is offered in the amount of an employee's annual salary rounded to the next highest thousand. The minimum coverage offered is $10,000 and the maximum is $40,000. The premium is $0.365​0 per $1000 per pay period. The Library district pays 80% of the premium.  

Short-Term Disability Coverage

Short term disability pays a benefit when an employee is unable to work due to an accident or illness. The benefit for short term disability begins on the 8th day of disability, the maximum benefit period is 26 weeks. Short term disability pays for non-work related disabilities only. Disabilities due to normal pregnancy is covered as any other illness. The benefit is 60% of weekly salary to a maximum of $350. The premium is $0.55 per $10.00 of covered weekly payroll.

Example $713.11Monthly Salary (20 hours/week @ $8.23/hour)

District pays $4.43/month

Employee pays $1.11/month

Long-Term Disability Coverage

Long term disability begins after 180 days from date of disability, the benefits is 60% of monthly salary up to $6,000 per month. The premium is $0.58 per $100.00 of covered monthly payroll up to a maximum of $6000.

Example: $713.11Monthly Salary (20 hours/week @ $8.23/hour)

District pays $3.37/month

Employee pays $0.84/month

Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental life insurance is available and includes supplemental accidental death and dismemberment. The employee pays 100% of the premium which is based on both salary and age.

Less than 30 $0.13
30 but less than 35 $0.16
35 but less than 40 $0.16
40 but less than 45 $0.25
45 but less than 50 $0.36
50 but less than 55 $0.59
55 but less than 60 $0.93
60 but less than 65 $1.17
65 but less than 70 $1.98
70 and older $2.53
Dependent Life Coverage

Dependent life coverage is coverage for an employee's spouse and dependent children. The premium is 100% employee paid. Dependent life insurance benefit cannot exceed 50% of your basic life and supplemental life insurance amount combined. The employee is the beneficiary for dependent life coverage.

1. Premium of $2.16/month

2. Spouse benefit - $10,000

3. Child(ren) benefit (14 days or older ) -$5,000