Compost, let nature help.
Compost, let nature help.

Composting is the natural process where organic material is turned into a nutrient rich soil amendment. Think of it as nature’s way of recycling. Composting at home means putting your yard trash, soiled paper, food scraps, and more into a pile or a container and allowing it to decompose over time. The finished product can be placed around plants and trees, or spread across the lawn, where it will add nutrients back into the soil helping grass and plants look green and healthy.

Be a total recycler and compost yard waste! For additional composting tips or recommendations, please contact us at 352-338-3233

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Why Compost?
Why Compost?
​Good for our environment

Composting creates an excellent organic soil amendment which can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and help soil retain more moisture reducing the need for watering.

Good for our wallets

Yard trash and garbage disposal is expensive. Composting at home can help you reduce your garbage can size and reduce the cost for yard waste disposal which translates to lower rates in the future.

Composting is easy

A simple compost pile requires nothing more than a small spot in the yard and some patience. Throw in a little extra effort by turning your compost pile regularly, placing it in a sunny spot, or even adding worms to speed up the process. ​​

Basic Compost Pile Guideline:
Basic Compost Pile Guideline:

What to include (below are just a few examples)

Green Material

Fresh grass clippings and plant parts

Brown Material

Leaves, twigs, chipped branches, and dried grass clippings

Kitchen Scraps

Egg shells, tea bags, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, paper towels and napkins

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  1. Place these items in a pile or compost bin (ideally about three feet high).
  2. Avoid fatty foods like meat or dairy, as they can attract animals and make the pile smell.
  3. Add water to keep the pile moist but not soggy.
  4. Turn the pile weekly to provide air for microorganisms.
  5. Let nature take care of the rest.​

Wire bins are easy to construct and have mesh sides for easy aeration. The Alachua County Department of Solid Waste & Resource Recovery would like to help you to create your own compost bin, one FREE wire roll is available (per person) at our office. Wire for a bin can be picked up during our business hours (Monday-Thursday, 7:00am-5:00pm) at the Public Works Office at 5620 NW 120th Lane, Gainesville, FL 32653.​  Please call before driving to our office to make sure we have wire in stock that day.



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