• Litter

    Image showing person throwing litter from a car window

    Littering is an issue that Alachua County and most other communities face every day. It is estimated that in America nearly 56 billion pieces of litter end up on our roadways, in our creeks, and around our neighborhoods every year (Keep America Beautiful). Help us reduce litter and create a heathier, cleaner, more attractive environment.​

  • Common sources of roadside litter

    • Improperly secured truck or trailer loads
    • Loose trash in garbage bins and dumpsters
    • Thrown out of vehicles
    • Dropped by pedestrians
  • Value of a litter free community

    • Healthier environment
    • Reduced crime
    • Increased property values
    • More attractive for new businesses
    • Reduced expense for litter pickup and disposal
  • What you can do to help reduce litter

    • Keep a trash bag in your vehicle to contain waste
    • Make sure to properly cover and secure truck and trailer loads to prevent flyaways
    • Educate your family on the importance of responsible waste management
    • If you are a smoker, keep an ashtray on hand. Do not flick your cigarette butts!
    • When you see litter, be a role model and pick it up!
  • And, best of all…

    Volunteer with one of the groups listed below
    • ​Keep Alachua County Beautiful does cleanups of parks and communities within Alachua County, and is always seeking volunteers. Call (352) 371-9444 or visit for more information
    • Current Problems performs regular cleanups of our waterways in North Florida. You can volunteer by calling (352)222-6727 or visiting their website at
    • Alachua County Forever matches volunteers with cleanups in your area. Call 352-264-6800 for details.
    • The Adopt-A-Street Program asks volunteer groups to clean up litter on sections of road within the City of Gainesville. If you are interested in participating, contact the Solid Waste Division at 352-393-7964.
    • Florida Department of Transportation provides volunteers an opportunity to make a difference in their community by "adopting" a two mile section of State Highway for two years and providing removal of litter at least four times a year. For more information on the FDOT program call 1-800-BAN-LITT (ER) or visit .

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