Household Waste

Proper Disposal/Recycling of Household Hazardous Wastes

Unwanted chemicals, automotive fluids, paints, electronics and various other hazardous materials and products  generated or discarded by households can be toxic to the public and pose a threat to the environment if improperly discarded.

The Alachua County Environmental Protection Department provides a FREE for County residents, county-wide service for the proper management of hazardous and toxic materials and waste. at the Alachua County Hazardous Waste Collection Center (HWCC) and at five Rural Collection Centers.

A similar Fee Based service for qualified small businesses is also offered at the HWCC.

Additionally, selected items such as Used Oil, Fluorescent lamps and some batteries can be disposed/recycled at several local businesses.

The Alachua County Hazardous Waste Collection Center is open year-round to the public. Call 352-334-0440 for more information.


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