Development Trends


Since the adoption of the new Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations, the Natural Resources Division of the Environmental Protection department has been tracking natural resource issues associated with development.  The data provided represents summary information on development approved through the Developement Review Committee process since April 2006 (when the first development was approved under the new land development regulations). These values should be used for only general information and may be updated or changed at any time. 

These values represent approvals by the DRC, and not necessarily what has been built to date.

Please use this information accordingly and be aware that it may be updated or changed at any point.

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Project Highlights

Virtual Tour of LID projects in Alachua County
(article published in the August 30, 2010 issue of Alachua County Community Update)

What is LID?

Read this LID introductory manual, or visit the links in our Resources page

For more details, visit our Land Development Regulations page.

Alachua County's environmental regulations at a glance

Description Area
Wetland and surface water buffer requirements: 75 feet (avg.) 150 feet avg. for Outstanding Florida Waters or OFWs)
Listed species habitat set aside requirements: 25% of upland areas*
Significant habitat set aside requirements: 25% of upland areas*
Strategic ecosystem protection: 50% of upland areas*
Significant Geologic Features buffer requirements: 50 feet (avg.)
*may include wetland buffers and surface waters buffers