Altered Communities

Old Field Pine Plantation

Old fields which have been planted with any species of pine.

Old Field Succession Pine

Old fields which have been invaded by volunteer pine or have a mature plantation of pine.

Site Conversion Pine Plantation

Upland habitat such as a hammock, wetland, or basin swamp which has been cleared and then planted with pine.

Rough Pasture

This habitat is a pasture which retains some of its native ground cover or has numerous scattered trees or both.

Improved Pasture

Improved pastures are those which are almost completely covered by exotic grasses and lack significant tree cover.


This habitat consists of row crops, freshly cleared land, or fallow fields.

Farm Pond

This is a pond formed by damming a stream or digging.

Active Mining

Any area with active mining.

Mine Pit Lake

A pond or lake in a mine pit.

Developments of Low Impact

Homes or camp sites which have been allowed to remain wooded are designated low impact.

Development of High Impact

Any major alteration or construction.

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