Irrigation Efficiency Design and Maintenance Code

On September 22, 2015 the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners adopted a new landscape irrigation efficiency code to promote water conservation and improve water quality. The Code was modified on April 9, 2019. Click HERE to view the Code (Article 6).

Irrigation professionals installing or maintaining irrigation systems within Alachua County must register their business. Click HERE to register your business (you will have to create an account, as this is the portal for future irrigation system approvals).

All new irrigation systems installed in unincorporated Alachua County require County approval, which includes a review fee and site plan. All systems will then go through an inspection process. Starting October 1, 2019 these requirements will apply within the municipalities also.  The inspection fee is waived for irrigation professionals who are certified for self-inspection (see training below) or who hire a Florida Water Star Certifier to inspect the system.

Fees and site plans are waived for new construction that achieves Florida Water Star Certification. Learn more about this voluntary program for saving water HERE.



If you are installing a new irrigation system (or modifying 50% of an existing system), you must comply with this ordinance. Please consult with staff at 352-264-6829 if you plan to install it yourself, as we will help you navigate the approval process.


The County has been co-hosting free training events to help irrigation professionals obtain Florida Water Star (FWS) Accredited Professional (AP) status for self-inspection certification. There is a training scheduled for 8/15/19. Trainings hosted in other areas are listed HERE.

The County is partnering with the FNGLA and UF to host a Smart Controller Workshop and Trade Show in Gainesville in the afternoon on 9/11/19. Contact Stacie Greco at 352-2646829 or for more information. 

For information on obtaining the State's voluntary Irrigation license, which also qualifies you for self-inspection, visit the Florida Irrigation Society page by clicking HERE to download a pamphlet explaining the code.

Forms and Resources - Our website is under construction and the links below will not work.  For copies,  please contact Rebecca Hoffmann at 352-264-6809 or Stacie Greco at 352-264-6829.

Application Portal- This site allows irrigation professionals to request approvals, pay fees, and set up inspections on-line. ​ HERE is a document explaining how to use the portal.

Approval Form- This form can be filled out on-line through the application portal. If you want to apply and pay in person or by mail, print this form and return to Emily Rodriguez at 408 W University Ave, Suite 106, Gainesville, FL, 32601.

Authorization to Access Property Form- This form must be filled out by the property owner and submitted with the Approval Form (either on-line through the application portal or with your paper application).

Self Inspection Checklist- This form lists all of the design standards required for passing EPD inspection and is a GREAT tool. For irrigation professionals qualified to self-inspect, it is recommended that you keep a copy of the signed checklist for your records, but this form is not currently required for submittal.

Sample Site Sketch- This sample illustrates what should be included in the irrigation site sketch. Providing a complete sketch expedites the review process.

Sample Calculations- Use this optional spreadsheet to tabulate required information. Copying and pasting the completed table on your irrigation sketch will speed up staff review.

Frequently Asked Questions- This document addresses common questions.

Click HERE to download a pamphlet explaining the code.