• Water: If we are not getting soaking rains, you will need to water your new plants every other day for the first two weeks or as recommended by your SWAP shop. After that you should be able to reduce watering to 2-3 times a week for the next month or so. It is best to hand water with hose with a spray nozzle on it. Once plants are established, they will require little additional water except during times of drought. 
  • Maintenance: These plants were selected because they are pretty low maintenance and do not need fertilizer to look good! It will help with establishment if you can replenish the mulch in year two. Remember to avoid Cypress mulch because healthy wetlands are cut down to produce this mulch.


  • To reduce water use and protect our springs, we recommend minimizing irrigation on the rest of your yard. Irrigation restrictions must be followed and are the absolute maximum you may water. Shutting off your irrigation system and only watering as needed is the best way to conserve water.
  • Eliminating fertilizer use helps protect the quality of our water and saves you money, click here​ to join the 55% of the community who say they skip fertilizer altogether and we’ll bring you a t-shirt after the completion of your Turf SWAP project. If you must use fertilizer, never fertilize before a rain event or during the ban period from July through February. Fertilizer containing nitrogen must have at minimum 50% of the nitrogen in a slow release form and phosphorus is prohibited unless a deficiency is verified through a soil test or tissue sample. Also, please keep fertilizer off of paved surfaces so it does not wash into our water ways​
  • Remember, stormwater from your property likely leads to one of our urban creeks and eventually to our drinking water supply.