Current Turf SWAP funds have been depleted. Please sign up here for information about future funding as Turf SWAP is likely to resume in 2021!




Alachua County has received grant funds to reduce outdoor water use in existing landscapes. You may be eligible for a 50% rebate up to $1,500 to SWAP out a portion of your irrigated turf and replace it with water-conserving Florida Friendly Landscaping™  
Not ready for landscape changes? Rebate funds can also be used for irrigation system improvements for efficiency and conservationThe program ends 5/30/2021.

  • You must not have received a Turf SWAP rebate in the past.
  • You must have an irrigation system - the goal of this program is to permanently remove some high volume irrigation so we can save water immediately and into the future.
  • Rebates can be used for residential properties, HOA common spaces, and business properties within Alachua County (including municipalities). 
  • Work must be completed by a Florida Water Star Accredited Professional - a list of these SWAP Shops is available Here.


  • Read this website carefully.
  • Contact ACEPD staff at 352-264-6800 to ask questions.
  • Take a before picture of your landscape to provide with your completed paperwork.
  • Work with a Florida Water Star Accredited Professional/SWAP Shop to design your new landscape, retrofit your irrigation system, or add water saving devices.
  • Get permission from your HOA (if applicable).
  • Call 811 before digging up grass.
  • SWAP Shop removes high volume irrigation, installs Florida Friendly Landscaping (if applicable), and/or makes irrigation efficiency improvements. (Limit of a single rebate,up to $1500, per property.)
  • Submit your before photo where applicable, completed application form, completed W9 form, and itemized invoice from your SWAP Shop to ACEPD.
  • ACEPD will conduct a site visit to verify work has been completed and disuss landscape care.
  • Checks will be issued in 4-6 weeks.


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