Small Business Waste

Qualifying Small Businesses
Qualifying Small Businesses

Only Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) businesses may dispose of hazardous waste at the Hazardous Waste Collection Center.

Disposal Services
Disposal Services

The Alachua County Hazardous Waste Collection Center offers a fee based disposal program for small businesses. Properly manage and dispose of the hazardous and regulated wastes generated by your small business.

Businesses must comply with federal, state and local hazardous waste rules and regulations, properly dispose of their waste and have documented proof of disposal.

Ensure that your business avoids penalties by properly managing and disposing of wastes at the Hazardous Waste Collection Center or other EPA approved disposal facilities.

Contact the center prior to drop off to discuss program availability for your business and to determine the fee for waste disposal, no appointment is necessary.

What is a Hazardous Waste?
What is a Hazardous Waste?

A hazardous waste is any discarded, useless, or unwanted chemical or by-product that may be hazardous or toxic to employees, the public or the environment. These materials are dangerous and should be stored, managed and disposed properly.

The following small businesses are required to comply:

  • Auto repair shops
  • Chiropractors
  • Construction companies
  • Dental offices
  • Dry cleaners
  • Laboratories
  • Maintenance companies
  • Painters
  • Paint and body shops
  • Printers
  • Veterinarians
  • Silk screen printers

Small businesses must properly dispose of the following hazardous and regulated wastes:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Antifreeze
  • Automotive, rechargeable batteries
  • Contaminated soil & rags
  • Fertilizers
  • Flammable liquids
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Gasoline
  • Lab chemicals
  • Light ballasts
  • Oil filters
  • Old computers & TVs
  • Paint & Paint thinner waste
  • Pesticides
  • Photographic waste
  • Absorbents
  • Used oil & Gasoline
Small Business Waste Disposal Fees
Small Business Waste Disposal Fees
Lot A - Bulk Packs:

Waste Fees
Alkyd Paint $3.70/gal
Antifreeze $0.75/gal
Corrosive liquids, acids $3.20/gal
Corrosive liquids, alkaline $3.10/gal
Flammable, combustible liquids $3.70/gal
Flammable, liquids (halogenated) $3.85/gal
Fonnalin Solution $13.00/gal
Non-hazardous liquids, NON-RCRA $1.95/gal
Latex Paint $1.95/gal
Pesticides, liquids $13.00/gal
Pesticides, solids $3.00/lb
Photographic solutions $4.50/gal
Sludges, non-hazardous $1.95/gal
Sludges, hazardous $13.60/gal
Solids, hazardous . $1.30/gal
Solids, hazardous-55 gallon drum $220.00/drum
Solids, hazardous-Cubic yard box $770.00/CYB
Wastewaters, non-hazardous $1.95/gal
Wastewaters, hazardous $4.50/gal
Waste Gasoline $1.50/gal
Waste Glycerin $3.85/gal
Used oil or other lubricants $0.50/gal
Petroleum Contact Water/Oily Water $1.35/gal
Used oil or other lubicrants, per 55  gallon drnm $27.50/drum
Lot B-  Loose Packs:

Waste Fees
20 lb. propane tank $2.90/unit
5 gallon pail of oil filters $3.90/unit
55 gallon drum of oil filters $22.60/drum
55 gallon drum of oil $41.75/drum

Aerosol cans $1.15/lb.
Alkyd Paint $7.80/gal or $0.78/lb.
Batteries, Lithium/mixed button $5.29/lb.
Batteries, Ni-Cad, wet or dry cell $1.10/lb.
Capacitors $1.50/unit

Computer Monitors,  LCD/LED Televisions $0.25/lb.

Crushed Fluorescent Lamps $200.00/drum
Fluorescent lamps Inegular shape (circular) $0.40/unit
Fluorescent lamps Compact $0.40/unit
Fluorescent lamps less than 4 ft $0.40/unit
Fluorescent lamps more than 4 ft $0.40/unit
HID, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor Lamp $1.00/unit
Non PCB Ballasts $0.50/unit
PCB Ballasts $3.00/unit
Products in containers liquids/solids, Hazardous $5.45/gal
Products in containers  liquids/solids, Non-Hazardous $1.95/gal

Rags/Pads, non-hazardous $49.50/drum
CRT Televisions and CRT Monitors $0.40/lb.
Misc. Electronics (cables, keyboards, printers, etc. $0.10/lb.
Lot C-Lab Packs:

Waste Fees
Corrossive liquids, acid or alkaline, toxic $4.90/gal
Corrossive liquids, oxidizing $30.00/gal
Corrosive solids $0.49/lb.
Corrosive solids, acid or alkaline, toxic $0.49/lb.
Cyanides, liquid or solid $53.24/gal or $5.32/lb.
Flammable liquids $4.50/gal
Flammable solids $1.20/lb.
Isocyanates, liquid or solid $53.24/gal

Mercury debris $1.10/lb

Mercury in manufactured containers $4.45/lb
Mercury salts $3.90/lb.
Mercury, elemental $4.45/lb.
Oxidizers, liquid or solid, toxic $2.95/lb.
Oxidizing liquids $29.50/lb.
Oxidizing solids $2.95/lb.
PCB's $0.61/lb. or $6.10/gal
Peroxides, inorganic $29.50/gal
Peroxides, organic $25.56/gal

Poison liquids $18.81/gal

Poison solids $0.85/lb.

Reactive $5.85/lb.

If you have further questions please call Alachua County Household Hazardous Waste at 352-334-0440.