Countywide Recreation Master Plan

Master Plan
The recreation providers of Alachua County will provide services to all people in the most efficient and effective manner.

". . . an important aspect in a community's quality of life."

Recreation is an important aspect in a community's quality of life. When parks and urban green spaces are carefully integrated into land use patterns, sustainable communities and livable neighborhoods are created. In this backdrop, the Alachua County County-wide Recreation Master Plan was drafted with the objective of achieving high quality communities through better recreation facilities programming.

A Collaborative Process
A Collaborative Process

The Master Plan is based on a collaborative effort of stakeholders, county residents, and a diverse steering committee comprising of recreation providers and interested citizens. The following course of action furthered the collaborative process:

  • User and interest group interviews: One-on-one interviews with 20 recreation user groups totaling 143 people
  • Public Workshops: 5 workshops held in February 2001 to get the public's opinions