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    Preserve Hours: Preserve is not currently open for public use, but is scheduled to open by October, 2019.

    Join us on July 18, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm at Trininty United Methodist Church Youth Building to hear about plans for Four Creeks Preserve and give us your input!

    Four Creeks Preserve is a 711 acre nature preserve located in northwest Gainesville.  The preserve is the first Alachua County Forever conservation land acquisition under the citizen-supported Wild Spaces Public Places referendum passed by voters in 2016.  The property was purchased in October 2018.  In addition to the 466 acres acquired by Alachua County, the City of Gainesville purchased the southwestern 245 acres using the City’s tree mitigation fund.  Staff from Alachua County Forever and the City of Gainesville will coordinate management of the preserve.
    The preserve uplands are predominately pine forest, including flatwoods and upland pine communities; with over 200 acres of wetlands, including depression marshe, dome swamp, basin swamp, bottomland forest, baygall, and seepage stream.  As the name implies, the preserve protects portions of four different creeks, including Turkey Creek and Blues Creek, and the watersheds of Hogtown Creek and Possum Creek.
    The preserve will open for resource-based recreational use by October 2019.  Check back for details, or email Alachua County Forever staff for more information at:

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