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  • Veterans Memorial Park
    • Baseball Baseball
    • Basketball Basketball
    • Conference Conference Center
    • Fitness Trails Fitness Trails
    • Football Football /Soccer
    • Nature/Hiking Trail Hiking /Nature Trail
    • Nature Study Nature/ Wildlife
    • Picnic without Shelter Picnic w/o Shelter
    • Picnic with Shelter Picnic with Shelter
    • Play Equipment Play Equipment
    • Rest Rooms Rest Room
    • Memorial Veteran's Memorial
    • Volleyball Volleyball

    Veteran's Memorial Park offers activities for everyone.  Sports facilities include a baskeball court, softball fields, soccer fields, and roller hockey facilities.  There are also 2 play areas, a fitness trail, and nature trails to explore.  Be sure to visit the veteran's memorial and police memorial while at the park.

    For information on organized sports and use of fields, contact our partners:
    • Gainesville Bats 352-373-4597


    Two large (10-12 picnic tables) pavilions and one extra-large (16-20 picnic tables) pavilion are available for use by park patrons on a first come, first served basis.

    The Freedom Community Center is available for rental, and can be configured with round and/or rectangular tables.  It has capacity for 120 guests seated conference style.  The rental includes small kitchen facilities (refrigerator and sink).   Contact us 1t 352-264-6868 to check availability for your date, confirm rates, and to request a facilities use agreement.

    The park also has a concession area available for rent that includes a refrigerator and sink and counter space.  This area can be rented only in conjunction with the Freedom Community Center. Contact us at 352-264-6868 to check availability for your date, confirm rates, and to request a facilities use agreement.

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