• Recycling Container Program

    Borrow a Bin 

    Thank you for taking the initiative to increase recycling at your event or gathering.

    There is NO fee to borrow the containers and we will provide enough bags for your event; however, you are responsible for transporting the recyclables to a proper recycling facility.

    Remember to communicate with guests so they may contribute to making your recycling program a success.

    RECYCLE: Metal/aluminum cans, plastic bottles, drink cartons
    NO: Plastic, paper, or Styrofoam cups

  • ClearStream Use: Tips & Instructions

    1. When plotting out the areas, include where ClearStreams and other garbage units will be placed. ClearStreams should always be placed next to normal garbage containers.
    2. Make sure they are located in visible and appropriate areas. Place near food vendors and sporadically throughout the event. 
    3. Train Volunteers. Teach them to properly secure bags and attach lids to the frame. Make sure the supervisors are trained on how to get them on/off the frames and they in turn will train their support staff. Please see diagram below or on bag for instructions, or visit the Clear Stream website at
    4. Make sure volunteers are collecting and replacing bags when they are 2/3 full.
    5. Keep the lids clean by wiping them down with rags as necessary.
    6. You are responsible for transporting the recyclables to a proper recycling facility. 


  • Solid Waste & Resource Recovery
  • 5620 NW 120th Lane
  • Gainesville, FL 32653
  • Phone: 352-374-5213
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)

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