Community Stabilization Program

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The Alachua County Community Stabilization Division is divided into two programs: the Community Self-Sufficiency Program (CSSP) and the Community Sustainability Program (CSP).​​

Community Self-Sufficiency Program (CSSP)
Community Self-Sufficiency Program (CSSP)

​The CSSP is designed to break the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life of those citizens coming to the County in need of supportive services. We will strategically plan a holistic case management approach by assessing educational, employment and economic needs. Barriers that prevent the successful transition into educational programs and employment opportunities will be determined and Individualized Improvement Plans (IIP), will be developed for each participant in the program.

The CSSP will provide support to the clients receiving services from divisions within Alachua County Department of Community Support Services and other County departments. This is accomplished by providing linkages to resources within the community. This program will build community partnerships with businesses, faith-based organizations, educational institutions and other social service providers.

The objective of this program is to reduce the recidivism of citizens mired in poverty due instability. The reduction of client recidivism will have an impact on the County's general fund and will help to create a new and increased taxpayer base. The Self-Sufficiency Program will encompass three options: employment assistance, education geared towards employment, and entrepreneurship. Some of the services provided are:

  • Job readiness training
  • Assistance with job referral and employment services
  • Assistance with housing referrals
  • Provision with limited medical assistance
  • Provision of tuition referral assistance​
Community Sustainability Program (CSP)
Community Sustainability Program (CSP)

​The Community Sustainability Program is responsible for identifying at risk communities and assisting them in becoming independent and sustainable. Programs and services will be developed based on the needs that exist in the targeted communities. The following are activities and programs that exist in this program:

  • Coordination of participation for Breakfast on the Plaza
  • Administering the Preservation and Enhancement District
  • Managing the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grant
  • Representing Alachua County on the Alachua County Nutrition Alliance

The entire focus of this division is to empower individuals and communities in their quest to become independent and self-reliant in their efforts to reduce and/or eliminate the cycle of poverty.​​​



  • To reduce the cycle of dependency and provide services and resources vital for economically disadvantaged persons and communities to become self-sufficient.


  • Marie Small
  • Program Manager
  • John Henry Thomas, M.D. Center
  • 218 SE 24th Street
  • Gainesville, FL 32641
  • Phone: 352-264-6745
  • Fax: 352-264-6703
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)

If any accommodations are needed for persons with disabilities, please contact the Equal Opportunity Office at (352) 374-5275 or (352) 374-5284 TDD.