Fire Station and Hydrant Locator

The data employed within this application was developed through a variety of sources, including the county, our many municipal jurisdictions and the private sector utilizing data collected at various scales. The map information displayed is not survey accurate. Alachua County Government strives to maintain information pertaining to this application as up-to-date as possible however, independent verification of the data displayed is recommended to assure its accuracy. Alachua County Government makes no warranty, explicit or implied, as to the accuracy or use of this data. This data is for informational purposes only and if legal descriptions are required other methods of obtaining this information shall be employed.

To help ensure accuracy please enter a complete address with city, state and zip code included.
for example:
26 NE 1st Street
Gainesville, Fl 32601

If you have any questions or errors to report please contact Larry Stewart,

Fire Station
Fire Hydrant
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