2022 Fall Food Partnership


Thank you for your interest in the Alachua County Fall Food Partnership.

Due to a great community response, we are not accepting new applications. In the future, we hope to offer these services again.

Over 800 applications were submitted to date. All applications are being reviewed. We hope to have cards ready for distribution by mid-December.

By submitting an application, all applicants are agreeing to and understand the following:

  • That you are a resident of Alachua County.
  • Our resources are limited and will be distributed on a First Come/First Served basis.
  • Funding to households may only be used for food purchases.
  • The food purchasing card is an incentive for sharing your information with us.
  • Only one (1) food purchasing card per head of household is allowed.
  • Incomplete forms and forms with missing information will not be reviewed for eligibility.
  • Negatively impacted by COVID may mean that you have experienced things such as but not limited to higher food cost, insufficient food, reduced income, reduced employment hours, or lost employment.
  • The value of the card will be approximately $30.

Your information may be used to qualify you for additional food assistance as it becomes available. Thank you!

Funding for this program is provided by the US Treasury for Alachua County’s State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Recovery.