April is Fair Housing Month

April is Fair Housing Month in Alachua County. In celebration of Fair Housing Month, the Alachua County Equal Opportunity Office is reminding the community that The Human Rights Ordinance of Alachua County prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or familial status in the sale or rental of housing.

The following are unlawful and discriminatory housing practices because of a protected status: 

  • Refusing to sell, rent or lease housing to an interested tenant or buyer.
  • Applying different sale, rental, or occupancy terms for different people. 
  • Misrepresenting the availability of housing when housing is in fact available.
  • Providing inferior conditions, terms, facilities or privileges in connection with housing. 
  • Steering customers to/from a certain neighborhood, or refusing to serve certain customers by real estate professionals. 
  • Redlining or limiting lending in a particular area because of the demographics of that area or imposing different terms or conditions on a loan.
  • Refusing to permit reasonable modifications when accommodations may be necessary for an individual with a disability to use and enjoy their dwelling. 
  • Harassing tenants and homeowners in connection with housing accommodations.

For more information or to file a Fair Housing complaint, contact the Alachua County Equal Opportunity Office at 352-374-5275.

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