County Animal Ordinance Changes


On July 11, 2017, the Alachua County Commission approved changes to the Animal Services Ordinance to address community cats, and to restrict the tethering of animals.

As a result of the changes, cats trapped and brought to Alachua County Animal Services with no proof of ownership will be sterilized, ear-tipped, vaccinated against the threat of rabies, and returned to their original location. This is done in partnership with local animal welfare groups including Operation Catnip, the Wagmore Foundation, and the Alachua County Humane Society.

“This strategy has been proven over time to reduce the stray cat population and curb nuisance behavior,” said Alachua County Animal Services Director Ed Williams. “It is also a more humane approach to resolving a problem that has typically been addressed only by increased euthanasia.”

In addition, tethering of animals will only be allowed under the direct supervision of their owner.  Restrictions also include the type of collar, length and weight of the tether, measures to prevent injury to the animal, and other requirements ensuring that the animal has continuous access to fresh food and water and protection from the elements.

View the Ordinance.

For more information, contact Alachua County Animal Services Director Ed Williams at 352-264-6870 or

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