Dogs Responsible for Attack Classified as Dangerous Dogs

On October 22, 2018, Hearing Officer David Wagner presided over the case against Nathaniel Pettiford. Mr. Wagner determined that the County has proven by a preponderance of the evidence that Mr. Pettiford's dogs aggressively attacked and inflicted severe injuries on Ms. Linda Swinburn. This happened while she was walking her dog Bella on a leash in her front yard on September 22, 2018. He also determined that these same dogs then aggressively attacked and killed Ms. Swinburn's companion animal, Bella. Mr. Wagner has classified these animals as dangerous dogs, as defined by Section 72.02, Alachua County Code.

Before he can reclaim the dogs, Mr. Pettiford will need to provide proof of a $500,000 insurance policy for each dog. The dogs must also be sterilized and microchipped at the Alachua County Animal Services Shelter, and he will need to post signage on his fence, notifying people that dangerous dogs reside there.

View the Findings and Determinations of the Hearing Officer.

For more information, contact the Communications Office at 352-374-5204.

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