Gainesville and Alachua County Regional Airport Authority Vacancy


Alachua County is seeking volunteers to fill a vacancy on the Gainesville/Alachua County Airport Authority. The Authority has jurisdiction over the operation and maintenance of, and improvements to, the airport and airport facilities.

The Authority is comprised of nine members serving three-year terms. The membership includes five members appointed by the City of Gainesville, three appointees of the Governor and one citizen-at-large appointed by the County Commission. The County’s position will become available at the end of July.

The Authority meetings are held monthly in the Airline Passenger Terminal Board Room at the Gainesville Regional Airport. Meetings are normally scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month.  November and December dates are scheduled earlier due to holidays.

Those interested in the vacancy should apply online.

For more information about the Gainesville/Alachua County Regional Airport Authority Board, contact Suzanne M. Schiemann at 352-373-0249.

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