Irma Update: Unincorporated County Road Closures


Below is a list of current (as of September 14, 2017 at 11 a.m.) list of road closures around Unincorporated Alachua County. 

Lake Shore Drive, from SR 26 to SR 20

NE 21st Street, 18000 Block between NE 156th Ave to NE 192 Ave

SE 27th Street, 3600 Block

CR 236, between CR 241 and CR 239

CR 1491, 28000 Block Between NW 182nd Terrace and NW 278 Ave.

CR 1493, from NW 234 Ave to Santa Fe River

NW 227 Drive, from NW 238 Ave to Old Bellamy Road.

SE 225 Drive, 20000 Block between SE 177 Ave and SE 219 Ave.

SE 225 Drive, 8400 to 8500 Block

SE 24 Ave, between SR 301 and SE 171 Street

CR 234, at Prairie Creek Bridge.

NW 177 Ave, from SR 121 to CR 231

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