Irrigation Limited to One Day a Week


The Alachua County Environmental Protection Department (EPD) reminds County residents that landscape irrigation is limited to one day a week, beginning Sunday, November 5, 2017. The change in the watering schedule coincides with the end of daylight saving time.

Lawns need significantly less water in Florida's winter months, and many landscapes survive the winter with little to no irrigation. For these reasons, turning off irrigation systems can save additional water and money.

Follow this schedule for watering yards: 

  • Saturday at addresses that end in an odd number or that have no house address 
  • Sunday at addresses ending in an even number
  • Tuesday for nonresidential landscape irrigation (including residential common areas) 
  • No irrigation is allowed between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (as this is when evaporation is the greatest)

The restrictions apply to the use of private wells, city water, and surface water. The use of a hand-held hose with a spray nozzle, micro-irrigation, and reclaimed water are exempt along with the irrigation of vegetable gardens and fruit trees. County staff actively enforces irrigation restrictions and responds to citizen complaints or concerns regarding wasteful watering.

“Landscape irrigation can account for over 50% of residential water use,” said EPD Water Conservation Coordinator Stacie Greco. “Minimizing watering promotes healthier lawns and landscapes while conserving Florida's water resources. Property owners are encouraged to utilize the grant-funded Turf SWAP rebate program for replacing irrigated landscapes. We depend on groundwater for our water supply, as do our springs, lakes, and rivers.”

Visit the EPD Water Resources website for additional water information.

For more information, contact Stacie Greco at 352-264-6829 or

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