These matters are governed by the laws of the State of Florida. In general, parties wishing to obtain a divorce should contact their attorney.

Florida law allows a simplified divorce that can be handled by the parties themselves in the following circumstances:

The parties certify under oath that:

  • There are no minor or dependent children of the parties and the wife is not now pregnant
  • The parties have made a satisfactory division of their property and have agreed to payment of their joint obligations
  • The husband and wife or one of them has been a resident of Florida for at least six months prior to filing the petition for divorce
  • The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken
  • There is no claim for alimony, and
  • They waive the right to appeal
  • A simplified divorce may be obtained by using the Simplified Divorce Packet, which can be purchased from the Clerk of the Court in the Courthouse or downloaded from this website.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Florida is a free-to-use program to assist in completing official court forms.

This is located within the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal

DIY Florida uses interview questions to walk through the steps and automatically prepare the forms. Once completed, the forms can be sent through the E-Filing Portal to electronically file the forms with your Clerk’s office. Standard filing fees and convenience fees apply.

There are forms for Simplified Dissolution and Domestic Relations.

To find out more go to DIY Florida.

For more information concerning a simplified divorce, the parties should contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office in the Courthouse or their attorney.