Public Records

​​The Clerk of Court maintains a wide range of court records and documents. Many records, including court and official records, are available online through the Clerk’s website.  Click one of the following links to give you free access to the respective records.

For more information about the Clerk's records, click one of the following links:

For Alachua County records (other than Court Records or Official Records) such as zoning, permit, board minutes, resolutions, Ordinances or environment records, contact the Alachua County Public Records Coordinator.

Public Records Requests

If you are unable to locate a desired record online or would like to make a request for records held in the custody of the Alachua County Clerk of Court:

  • Send an E-mail request to:


  • Send a request by mail to:
    Alachua County Clerk of Court
    Public Records Custodian
    201 E University Ave
    Gainesville FL 32601

The cost of providing copies of court and official records is $1 per page. For administrative records the cost is $.15 per page. Some requests may require an additional fee for research or programming.