Second Amendment to Emergency Order 2020-12: Occupancy Changed to 1 Person per 750 sq. ft. and Other Clarifications

​The changes are underlined and in bold.

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2. Essential businesses and activities are those set out in the CISA guidance and Executive Order 20-89 and its attachment which consists of a list propounded by Miami-Dade County in its Emergency Order 07-20. Non-essential businesses and activities are those which are not mentioned and therefore are prohibited. As stated in Order 20-91, this list is subject to change and an updated list may be found at In order for the business to be considered essential the primary purpose of the business or majority of the sales must fall clearly within the categories established in the Governor’s Order and that maintained by the State Division of Emergency Management.[1]

5. All non-medical and non-residential businesses and activities allowed under the Governor’s Orders shall limit occupancy by individuals other than staff. to one per 750 square feet of covered space as determined by the local authority. Additional customers may line up outside waiting for entry as well as customers lined up for payment. All effort should be made to assist customers in maintaining 6 feet of separation to comply with CDC guidance. Pharmacy only customers are permitted to be escorted to the pharmacy without waiting in line for entry to the grocery store This section applies to services in houses of worship, churches or synagogue.

1. Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive order 20-91, no public gathering of 10 or more is allowed. Pursuant to the order groups greater than 10 may be ordered to disperse. This includes any gathering which takes place in the commons area of any multiple residence facility.

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