County Seeks Advisory Board Volunteers

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that allows you to give back to your community and participate in your County's decision-making process? Serving on an Alachua County Advisory Board offers you this chance. The County Commission relies on input from these Boards to make informed decisions and set policies. 

For example, the Environmental Protection Advisory Committee provides an opportunity for citizen involvement on environmental issues and concerns affecting residents. It advises the County Commission on appropriate measures to safeguard air and water resources and on responsible management of public lands and resources.

Over 250 citizens serve on the Advisory Boards advising County Government and local agencies on many topics. They include affordable housing, economic development, environmental protection, human rights, County finances, and many other issues. The Alachua County Commission seeks citizen volunteers to serve on several Advisory Boards.

Current Advisory Board openings include:

  • Alachua County Housing Authority Board – Five vacancies, including three Citizens at Large, one Tenant, and One tenant alternate
  • Animal Welfare Advisory Committee – Two vacancies, including one alternate and one Certified Veterinary Technician or a Graduate of an AVMA-Accredited Veterinary Technology Program.
  • Citizen Climate Advisory Board – Four vacancies for Citizen at Large
  • Environmental Protection Advisory Committee – Six vacancies, including one Alternate and five Citizens at Large
  • Health Care Advisory Board – One vacancy for Representative of healthcare agency serving primarily low income patients.
  • Historical Commission – Three vacancies, including Two citizens at large and one alternate.
  • Human Rights Board – One vacancy for one lending institution representative.
  • Library District Board of Trustees – One Citizen at Large
  • Local Planning Agency and Planning Commission – Two vacancies for Citizen at Large.
  • Public Safety Coordinating Council - One Representative County State jobs programs community groups who work with offenders victims.
  • Regional Transit System Advisory Board - Three vacancies, including one citizen who is one (or more) of the following: Chamber of Commerce Representative, member of the environmental community, member of the MTPO Citizen's Advisory Committee; one citizen who is one (or more) of the following: major employer in the local area, senior citizen, person with a disability; and one citizen who is one (or more) of the following: regular user of transit system, UF student, SFC student, member of a neighborhood and/or homeowners association.
  • Rural Concerns Advisory Committee - Two vacancies including one Alternate, and one Member Residing in the Unincorporated Area outside the Urban Cluster designated in the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan.
  • Victim Services and Rape Crisis Center Advisory Council – Six vacancies including five citizens at large and one alternate.

Learn more about the duties and meeting logistics, or apply online. Click on the vacancies tab at the top of the page.

For more information, contact Alachua County Manager - Chief of Staff Gina Peebles at 352-337-6279 or

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