Dogs Playing for Life Joins Alachua County Animal Resources

Beginning today, March 1, 2024, Dogs Playing for Life joins Alachua County Animal Resources to spend four days of intensive training to help socialize adoptable dogs in a fun and playful environment. The training runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Alachua County Animal Shelter (3400 NE 53rd Ave.). Media is invited to attend and interview representatives from these organizations on-site about the unique event and partnership. 

Dogs Playing for Life created the unique playgroup shelter dog enrichment program operating with the simple philosophy of “Every Dog, Every Day, Let Them Play!” Their goal is to ensure shelter pets positively experience life at an animal shelter while providing shelter staff the information needed to help that pet find its new loving home. Dogs Playing for Life also trains shelter staff to assess dogs properly to enable them to run large dog playgroups as a regular part of shelter life. 

“We are very excited to be hosting Dogs Playing for Life, and we are incredibly grateful they chose us through a special grant,” said Alachua County Animal Resources Director Julie Johnson. 

“When you see a bunch of shelter dogs all romping together and having fun versus frustrated being alone in a kennel, well, it is simply magical,” said Dogs Playing for Life founder Aimee Sadler. “These dog play groups allow dogs to be dogs and enjoy their day, despite the fact that due to unfortunate circumstances, they landed in a shelter. Add on that the ability to showcase their beautiful and playful nature might be their ticket to a new loving home; I can’t help but believe we are making a difference by prioritizing a better experience for them while sheltered.” 

Since its inception, Dogs Playing for Life has introduced playgroups to 329 shelters, which realize an average 6% increase in lifesaving and a 38% decrease in length of stay for dogs. 

For more information, contact Julie Johnson at 352-264-6890 or

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